“Wueeeh” Chep exclaimed dropping her jaw.

He looked like a snack when he trotted through the door, his well shaven hair looking all scuffled, and his cotton T-shirt sticking to his sweat ridden body.

He looked so tired but yet so breathtaking.

Chep was just cleaning his house before Max arrived from his evening jog. She had already prepared his favorite meal, ‘ugali na kafry’, and it was pleasantly served on the dining table.

“waaah mazeh,” max shrieked slamming the wooden door shut. “leo run imekuwa ngori, naumwa na kila mahali.”

“Nimeskia leo akina Rudisha walitokea kujog na nyinyi!” Chep joked as she and swung her arms around his waist.

He hissed in pain and she quickly let go off his waist. “pole babe,” she retorted remorsefully staring at his waist.

Max tilted her chin up, smiled broadly, and kissed her gently on the tip of her nose.

“Don’t apologize, ata hii kiuno ikikatika mara mbili nitaistick na glue ndio niweze kukutingishia.” Max told her with a sheepish smile.

She smiled back, standing on her tippy toes to kiss him.

“You need a shower,” she stated wiping her face that was covered with his sweat.

Max chuckled, his baritone vibrating the whole room.

“Yes. I’ll tell you all about the run today after the shower.”

She watched as he limped to the bathroom leaving behind soft groans, as she laughed silently.

Oh well, I guess that’s the price you pay for having a sexy professional short races athlete as your boyfriend. Chep smiled heartily to herself.

She quickly mopped the dirt particles left behind by his running shoes and went to place the mop outside the bathroom. She heard the tap turn, and water started racing down the shower head. She imagined Maxwell’s tall athletic body standing under the shower, hot water dripping down his muscular body; washing away the pain from that evenings run.

“Maybe naweza msaidia kurelax,” she thought to herself.

Carefully, Chep pushed the door open and slid into the dimly lit bathroom cubicle. Behind the moist fog of the hot water, she could see his unbothered silhouette standing like he was in a state of hypnotism.

Max saw her get in and moved back to lean on the fazing tiles, facing her, his head hanging down, letting the warm water wash over his broad back.

“Unado nini kafupi?” he asked, not moving from the wall.

*He had nicknamed her kafupi due to her short stature.

How did he notice her presence so fast?

“Don’t you want to discover by yourself boy?” she purred, almost indistinctly.

Her response made Max move away from the wall he was leaning on.

Her boy vest and the scanty booty short she wore were now drenched in water. She walked towards him, turned him to the wall and she slid her arms around his waist from behind. He quickly turned back; his head dropped low, his eyes directly staring at her pink boy vest which had turned see-through because of the water, revealing her white lacy bra. She was glad she was wearing her lucky bra that day. Her heart raced with enthusiasm.

“Waah,” Chep exclaimed in a half sexy tone. “Babe ona vile sasa niko wet.”

Immediately he pushed her back against the bathroom door, trapping her with his huge body as he ripped off her vest. Chep could feel his magic pressing against her stomach as max kissed his way down her neck, his hands going all over her body before stopping at her dripping shorts to unbutton them.

“Wait boo,” Chep gasped amidst soft moans.

Damn it! It wasn’t supposed to escalate so fast in that direction. She wanted him to enjoy his hot shower slowly and let her do the work.

“Nini mbaya babe?” max asked breathlessly, his blue eyes searching for her face worriedly amidst the steamy air.

She smiled, looking at him through her long lashes, before dropping down onto her knees, letting her hands trail down his tense body on her way down. His abs were like frozen rocks, so rigid under her small palms.

“Just relax, love,” Chep hissed.

He groaned and cleared the water running down his face with both his hands. Chep looked down at his boner which had now grown larger. She loved how easily she always turned Max on. But then again, he had the same effect on her. They were each other’s kryptonite.

She slipped her small hands over his large dick, slowly stroking him up and down.

He moaned, grabbing her head.

“Come on, Chep!”

Naah! In her mind, she wasn’t going to finish him that quickly. She wanted him to want her more and beg.

She squeezed him a little harder and licked his tip, massaging his sensitive area with her tongue.

She could fell the blood pulsating in her hands, she knew he was close… she stopped the stroking and grinded her long nails along his length. She didn’t want him to orgasm so fast.

“Fuck, Cheptoo! What are you doing? Faster!”

She ignored him and went on to work her tongue like an ice cream cone.

“Please,” he begged. But it did not sound quite desperate enough to her.

She continued to tease him, and she grinned as he growled in frustration.

“Please babe,” he begged even more. She grabbed his length and slowly began to stroke it once more.

“Yes,” he rasped. “Faster, babe. Please.”

He grabbed her wet hair moving his hip in a desperate motion, as she stroked him faster and harder, with a few tip licks in between the movement.

He groaned heavily as if he was in pain, but she knew he was in a way better place, way up above cloud nine.

“FUCK!” he cursed loudly as his whole body began to twitch…

To be continued


Your photos, your texts, your calls, they all made me realize how much I missed you. I missed grasping your silhouette as I pushed you against the wall. I missed hearing your soft moans as I caressed your curves. I missed feeling you get weak as I was grinding my growing bulge against you. I didn’t realize how much I missed you, how much I wanted you again, how much I was getting homesick when I was far from you. After a while of not answering I finally came back to you. You tell me to take you in my hands and reach for your figure as my mouth starts running all over you.

The soft breaths that escape your lips make my body shiver as my lips start to nuzzle your neck. The words you say make my lust grow as my hands roam your body. My left hand wraps around your neck, not wanting to let you go this time. My other hand begins to caress your shape, gently sliding from your hip to your side, then softly making its way up to your breast before closing around them. My hand firmly covering and caressing your breast as I begin to massage them. My hand tugging and my fingers pressing them. Under my thumb pressing around your neck I settle a tender kiss. I nuzzle your skin with my hot and humid breaths as I press you against the wall. I whisper into your neck how much I missed you as I secure my grip.

I grunt on your skin that I want you to take your top off. Your lips let escape your agreement in the form of a moan. My hands reluctantly leave your body for a moment as you eagerly take off your top and bra. My hands return where they belong, tightening around your throat while clinging to your breast. After a moment my right hand leaves your breast to slide down your stomach until I find the hem of your pants. You understand what I want and you take off your pants before unzipping mine. You take some protection from my pocket before I let my pants fall to my feet. I kick them away as you steal me a kiss.

As our lips meet you pull on the band of my boxers to have access to my D. You put the condom on me before I put you back on the wall, grinding my crotch against yours as you make your underwear wet. I rub my bulge between your legs, marking the fabric of my underwear with your juice. You ask me to take them off and I oblige.

I am now able to grind my warm and hard against you, rubbing it between your moist lips as you wrap yourself around me. I take hold of your ass while I approach the tip of your hole. I keep teasing you, grinding against you, telling you that you have to say loudly how much you want it. I ask you again as I put pressure against your craving pussy. I thrust my hips harder, knocking the tip of my on your opening. I tell you that you need to say how much you missed it.

Once the words escape your begging lips I fulfill you, pushing my cock into your opening, widening your entrance as I begin to rub your creamy walls. My girth widens you as I go deeper. My cock pushes homeward as my thickness rubs your tight walls apart. I begin to rock my hips, grinding my hard member in your soft and welcoming walls. My breathing is getting heavier as I begin to pump my cock deeper in you. Your legs fastened tightly around my hips as I bang you against the wall, nailing you with my hard length. Your hands grasp my hair while I begin to fuck you harder. The walls shiver, tremble and shake as I fuck you relentlessly against one of them. I keep massaging your insides as I stretch them, ramming into your tightness. Your hole grabs my cock as you cling to my body. Your legs tighten around my waist as your shivering walls close around my thick hard cock. I keep fucking you senselessly until your moans get loud enough to make the walls quiver.

My breath brushes its warmth on your skin, my grunts fondle your neck as I keep fucking you. I tell you that I’m getting there and you tell me to come. I shove my cock faster as you keep telling to come. You repeat the words and I bury my cock in your hole, nestling the tip in your depths as I begin to cum. I can’t help but growl your name while my whole body shivers. My cock throbs in your tight hole, pulsing against your creamy walls as we moan together. The condom can barely hold the thick and warm cum that comes from my climax as your body quiver with mine. Panting in your neck I keep you close to me, holding on to you even after our needs are satiated.


I, ever eying you; like a quad cloverleaf,
Albeit this desire for you,
Its like we’re Bonnie and Clyde in our parallel lives,

Like you voice my voice in that other place,
Where did I see you; its like we’ve known each other in previous moons,
Or is it the smiles I imagine lighting up your face when we talk?
Its an unexplainable feeling,
No, I think its a touch of the pixie; the dust never leaves though you can’t gaze the pixie, 
No, its a complicated piece trying to understand why I miss you; though I’ve never set my eyes on you.